Sheriff Greg Munks, who oversees law enforcement operations in San Mateo County, California, has instituted a number of innovative initiatives over the course of his career, including a scholarship program for underprivileged women and a push to address overcrowding in correctional facilities. In addition, Sheriff Gregory Munks launched TAILS (Transitioning Animals Into Loving Homes), which teaches inmates the principles of responsible dog ownership and rehabilitation. 

Through TAILS, the men staying at a minimum security facility in Redwood City spend eight weeks caring for dogs deemed unadoptable by Peninsula Humane Society. With the help and supervision of certified trainers, these inmates provide obedience instruction, much-needed socialization, exercise, and companionship; the prisoners also groom the canines in their charge and make sure they complete all their assigned "homework." The dogs spend every hour of the day with their handlers, sleeping in their cells at night and working on commands with them during the day. As a result of both parties' hard work over the course of two months, canines are ready for adoption by a caring family.


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