A nonprofit organization with a half century’s experience helping incarcerated people, the Service League of San Mateo County works with law enforcement and other institutions to furnish initiatives within each of the county’s prisons. Those initiatives include substance abuse education and recovery services, in addition to projects facilitating spirituality and self-improvement.

With the support of volunteers and dedicated staff, the Service League also helps those recently released from prison to transition back into the community. Program coordinators interview candidates requiring assistance and determine the solutions that will best satisfy their needs. Those solutions include helping ex-offenders materially, providing counseling, putting them in contact with other organizations, and offering employment services. All this support comes with the express goal of encouraging ex-offenders to reintegrate into society without returning to a life of criminal activity.

To find out more about the Service League of San Mateo County and the various services it delivers to those impacted by the justice system, please visit www.serviceleague.org.

About the author:
Sheriff Gregory Munks sits on the Advisory Board of the Service League of San Mateo County. He has decades of experience in law enforcement.

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